Master of software

Apix is a modular software created specifically for corporate flow management, which is able to connect any professional management program, avoiding any limitations when it comes to data collection, storage and processing.

What it does

Thanks to Apix, it is possible to connect the most diverse data collection softwares out there, channelling all the information related to the various processes into a unique “brain”, as well as all corporate and industrial flows, and to obtain, in real time, numbers and analysis capable of either confirming the smooth running of the productive activity or identifying any critical issues immediately.

What does it offer

Apix is a “next generation” software designed and developed by Nexto Group, with the aim of providing a tool capable of constantly being “one step ahead” ; because by monitoring and processing all received data at the highest degree of information, it is able to guarantee cost optimization tied to  production processes.

Apix Master of software

Apix, the “fluid” software

Apix is practically ​​applicable to an infinite field of business activities, which is why Nexto Group offers itself in a tailor-made version only after a detailed and careful analysis of the real needs of the customer: development and growth, control, critical issue prevention or problem-solving. Once the areas of intervention have been defined, Apix adapts itself to the needs of the company.

Apix is ​​a “fluid” software that controls management flows in a fully autonomous manner. It can be configured to capture or send data to external software / databases or other infrastructures that are configurable for this purpose.

The strength of Apix lies in its ability to adapt to various processes, from the complete management of a business flow to the collection and re-elaboration of the data. In fact, it can receive data from external software, by integrating the missing management system within the original software and by sending the transformed data to the sender, thereby integrating parallel management systems with third-party software, along with a significant saving on the integration also in terms of time on behalf of all solutions affected during the process.

Apix is ​​a formidable data manager: it creates, collects, catalogs and analyzes all company data, providing answers on employees, vehicles, tax data, processes, document management but is in fact applicable to all fields involving company management

From the large industry to SMEs

No matter how complex the company organization may be, from the most sophisticated and automated industrial production processes (order management, coordination between departments, vehicle fleet management, staff management) to the more contained organizational needs, typical of small to medium-sized companies (scheduling, management of patient / customer visits, administration, etc.) with Apix you will have the opportunity to have a single “site” characterized by a virtually endless collection of information ready to be analyzed.


Thanks to a formidable adaptability, Apix today boasts a concrete and satisfactory application in various business sectors:

Industrial projects order management

Vehicle fleet management

(e.g. transport and logistics sector)

Census and tracking:

On-site intervention management

Staff Management

(e.g. large food companies)

Product production management

(e.g. refrigeration sector)

Sales production and tracking, through coding:

Management of entry and exit flows

(e.g. sports and entertainment sector)

Purchase Control

(e.g. medical sector)

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